93 minutes | May 18, 2021

Episode 143 - Kay Bretz

Kia Ora Whānau. Runners love routine, right? The overriding wisdom for most of us is consistency consistency consistency. Habit is an absolute strength, however habits can become just that, habit. Kay (pronounced “Kai”)  Bretz moved from what he described as hobby running to the marathon relatively quickly, and stayed there for the next 15 years, always chasing his PB, consistency, control, and habit was key. The outcome was the focus, not the process. Gradually, the process became the focus, and with the aid of his coach, “mystery runs” were employed. A mystery run was just that, Kay would follow another runner with no idea of the length, speed, route of their run. One day, Kay followed his friend on a mystery run out his door and did something that he had never done before, he turned right out of his gate instead of turning left. This simple 180 degree maneuver had a profound impact on Kay’s professional, personal, and athletic life. Fast forward to the present and Kay is the author of Turn Right, his first book about his running journey. Kay has run the furthest by any Australian at a 24 hour world championship (259.67km), has raced (and won) a few multi day stage races, and is now cracking through 200 mile endurance runs in the wilds of Australia. This is an engaging conversation with a very interesting human being about the power of persistence, taking chances, and seeking your limits.  Enjoy.
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