98 minutes | Mar 9, 2021

How To Get Better at Dirt Bikes - Push Yourself Incrementally, Baby Steps - Ep 74

Thanks to Sam Bennion for joining me in this discussion today!How do we mentally prepare to hit bigger and bigger obstacles and challenges so that we grow in our abilities?Incremental Growth - Baby stepssmall logs, small dropsStop for a moment and realize the bike can do thisHow do we draw the line to know when to stop or when we really are out of our ability?Peer pressure?Going back to an obstacle later and conquering it is really rewardingLeave the obstacle on a high note if possibleHow do we face the mental challenges of an obstacle we are afraid of or a trail we have heard about and we are afraid of trying?How do we deal with failure, when we try and fail? How do we deal with getting hurt when we ride?Does being too timid or cautious actually make it easier to get hurt or get hurt again?having your mind in the right placeHow do we find riders and riding groups that push us and is that a good thing to be in a group where you are being pushed?  On the flip side, are we in a group that does the same rides over and over and we are stagnant in our growth because of the group we ride in?Are we rushing through the ride for the Podium at the end?Are we looking for fun things to do along the way?Are we messing around and working on skills?We need to STOP telling ourselves that we can't do that and stop taking the easiest line!It means we are indeed willing to fall and fail, even in front of others!  It means we are willing to scratch up our bikes and brake parts, that is part of the price to be paid for higher confidence.What about the sheer satisfaction of overcoming a fear or obstacle that has troubled us?Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/dirtbikechannel)
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