46 minutes | Feb 15, 2021

2 Stroke Oil Mixing and Carb Jetting 101 - The Basics - Ep 73

Fuel/Oil Ratio vs Fuel Air/RatioFuel/Oil ratio is the amount of oil you are mixing in the gas.  It's in your gas can32:1 is a lot of oil - thick fuel50:1 is less oil - thinner fuel80:1 is even less oil - thinnest fuelPick something that works for you and stick with that.  We'll fine tune the mix with our fuel/air RatioFuel/Air Ratio is fine tuned inside the carburetor with Jets and needles. I've got oil running down my silencer and I"m running my bike 32:1. I guess that I'm running it too Rich, right?Well yeah, but it's not because of your oil mix.  You are too "rich" but you need to take fuel away from the bike by allowing less of it to enter the cylinder of your bike.Denser air (more of it) makes your bike fuel lean (less fuel) because now you have more air/pressure but the same amount of fuelDensity altitude is what we are really tuning for.Aviation - Density altitude is pressure altitude corrected for nonstandard temperature. As temperature and altitude increase, air density decreases.Air pressure is reduced at higher elevations - Elevation goes up - bike runs " fuel rich"temperature effects  our carbs - temp goes up - bike runs "fuel rich"Pilot Circuit - idle up to about 1/8th air screw for fine tuning3/4 of turn out to 2.5 "turns out" is a fine rangeIf you have to run the bike at less than 3/4 of a turns out, you will need a bigger pilot jetIf you need to run it more than 2.5 turns out, then you need a smaller pilot jetNeedle Circuit 1/8th to 3/4 throttle - Where it's at!uses clips to fine tune hereMoving the clip UP the needle will allow it to drop down further in the carb which restricts fuel (makes it leaner)Moving the clip DOWN on the needle keeps the needle higher which add fuel (makes it richer)Main Circuit 3/4 throttle and upthere is certainly some cross over here and I'm not saying that it will ONLY effect you at 3/4 throttle, but this is where it mostly comes into play.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/dirtbikechannel)
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