102 minutes | Jun 11, 2021

Review 2: Eclectic Boogaloo

This week we're once again taking a break from our regular gaming, and instead reviewing the games we've played so far in 2021. Enjoy!Direcast is:Luki Slinn (@LukiSlinn on Twitter and Instagram) Matt George Lovett (@mattgeorgelovett on Instagram) Jacob Warr (@WarrstoriesO on Twitter) Helen.Peter Wellman (@Mr_Montigue on Twitter) H Folkmans (@folkpersons on Twitter and @artpersons on Instagram)  Our logo and banner art is by H Folkmans. This episode featured music including:'Funkorama' by Kevin McCleod'The Miller of Mansfield' by Thomas Arne, performed by Alice Braithwaite on the bassoon and Luki Slinn on vocals'The Golden Larceny' sea shanty composed by H Folkmans, with lyrics by H Folkmans, Luki Slinn, and Helen, instrumentation performed by Matt George Lovett, and vocals performed by the Dire Cast.The Feathers Variation which was composed and performed by Jacob Warr, Matt George Lovett, and Luki Slinn. All other music featured in this episode, including the Direcast Theme, was composed and performed by Matt George Lovett.This episode was edited by Peter WellmanLinks to all games mentioned in this episode can be found on our website at the following link.https://www.direcast.com/what-games-have-we-played
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