43 minutes | May 16, 2020

E7: What Restaurants can give you Nugget Biscuit Dipped in Mash Potatos and BBQ Sauce

We dive into the meaty details about which restaurants can provide you with the full nugget biscuit nugget in a biscuit dip it all in mashed potatoes dip the mashed potato covered chicken nugget biscuit in the barbecue sauce yum yum gimme experience per Tobuscus' recipe. Enjoy or your scapula shall be ejected! Rate & Review or punch times a-coming! Follow Us Or Be Eliminated (gently) Show: twit- @DinnerBoysPod inta- @dinnerdatewiththeboys Lee: twit- BurntheBearBars Jacob: Twich- imyourdadlive Twit- @imyourdad___ Insta- imyourdad____ Jonah: lol nothing hes idiot
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