10 minutes | Apr 4, 2018

Lost Spirits: The Future of Distilling

Today we’re going to talk about alcohol, more specifically distilling spirits like rum and whiskey. Most award winning whiskey and rum are aged in barrels of different types of wood, for many years, but what if there was a way to create the same effect, in a fraction of the time. At Lost Spirits they have figured out how to do just that. Nestled in Downtown LA they are creating new types of booze and even resurrecting lost ones and the process takes… 6 days (more on that later). Not only are the distilling exciting types of alcohol, they have also created a tasting experience around it. Bringing together science, technology, and art - that has an Island of Dr. Moreau vibe… and a boat ride… in the middle of Downtown Los Angeles. My guest this week is Bryan Davis, inventor, co-founder, and booze formula developer at Lost Spirits, we talk about how you can take a process that takes 30 years and... distill... it down to 6 days, creating a alcohol theme park, but first, the history of Lost Spirits. For more information and tickets, go here!
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