22 minutes | Jan 9, 2018

Dan Kaminsky On Meltdown & Spectre

Shortly after New Years we were hit with two security flaws that affect microprocessors called Meltdown and Spectre. These hardware flaws allow programs to steal data being processed on a computer. Both have both been around for quite some time and it’s unclear to what extent they have already been exploited. Desktop, laptop, and cloud computers may be affected by Meltdown, as for Spectre, it’s all of the above, and mobile. My guest this week is Dan Kaminsky, Chief Scientist at White Ops, a cybersecurity firm. Dan is one of the seven Recovery Key Shareholders who possess the ability to restore the DNS root keys, aka the keys to restore the internet. We talk about Meltdown and Spectre, Intel’s response, and whatever you do, don’t download the dancing fish… but first, our need for speed and the introduction to Meltdown and Spectre.
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