11 minutes | Mar 28, 2018

Augmenting Alice with Galit Ariel

We’ve talked a lot about VR on this show, and there are a lot of great experiences out there. From Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s Carne y Arena at LACMA, which puts you in the shoes of an immigrant crossing the border into the united states, to The VOIDs hyper-reality experience Star Wars Secrets of the Empire, where you and three other people move through a virutal world as undercover agents to retrieve information critical to the Rebel Alliance. VR has a lot of potential, but what about VR’s less immersive cousin, AR? Quite a few companies like Intel are coming out with glasses that look just like reading glasses, but have some level of display meant to be accessed when you want, to more grandiose endeavors like Magic Leap, who hope to create ubiquitous lightweight glasses that add virtual objects to the real world. My guest this week is Galit Ariel, founder of WondARlands and the author of, "Augmenting Alice, The Future of Identity, Experience and Reality", which contextualizes AR Applications, implementation potential, and the technologies challenges and risks. I spoke with Galit about AR vs VR and the challenges we have with AR, but first, what brought Galit to AR...
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