57 minutes | May 12, 2015

User Experience in Enterprise Software: ROI of UX

The buzz: Happiness. Enterprise software has been delivering increased functionality for years, but too often at the expense of ease-of-use. Why? Good design is notoriously difficult and thus not addressed or measured by most IT teams. UX projects are a business investment, where satisfaction must translate into performance to calculate ROI. Should UX be part of project development from the get-go? The experts speak. Jaco Van Eeden, Deloitte: “The world is complex, and so too must be the activities that we perform. But that doesn’t mean that we must live in continual frustration.” (Don Norman) Michael Romeo, Deloitte: “You have to start with the Customer Experience and work backyards to the technology” (Steve Jobs). Phil Dervan, SAP: “We should judge our industry by the happiness we create.” (Cennydd Bowles) Mark Schenecker, SAP: “Simple can be harder than complex…But…once you get there, you can move mountains.” (Steve Jobs) Join us for User Experience in Enterprise Software: ROI of UX.
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