29 minutes | Sep 24, 2021

Music Mogul Andre Williams creates a new lane with Paragon Management

Andre Williams valorous leader in the music industry. Andre Williams’s meteoric rise to success is no accident. Born with an organic charisma, lion heart, bald-eagle vision, elephant-style brainpower, and ant-minded discipline, he can connect with any artist in pursuit of music supremacy.    Andre Williams launched Paragon Management Group in 2020. Paragon Management Group is a full-service artist development, digital branding, music distribution, and management agency.    Paragon Management Group’s music genre focus is Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop. Paragon Management identifies stars based upon supreme intangibles instead of physical talent. Andre Williams believes the willpower of a person is more valuable than ability.    Paragon Management provides a robust portfolio of services for ‘business-minded artists pursuing a brand and not a name. Andre Williams is creating a new lane in music with Paragon Management Group.  Paragon Management Group inked a music monetization partnership with RADIOPUSHERS in 2021.  
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