15 minutes | Mar 2, 2023

Ep 30: What Do You Do After You Buy a Content Website?

In this episode, Matt and Liz Raad talk about what to do after you buy a content website. The great thing about buying websites for passive income is you have the choice of what you do with them. It’s all about knowing the right type of websites to buy and understanding what’s involved to maintain them. So today, we’re going to show you a simple 3-step blueprint of what to do with your newly purchased website that will help you to increase traffic and monthly cash flow. More importantly, we show you how to diversify your income so you can build a secure portfolio of online assets, just like our students have.

Tune in to hear:

- How you can start buying websites for passive income

- After you buy, what do you do with your website?

- The smart question to ask before you buy

- Why we don't buy e-commerce websites

- What kind of websites we buy

- 3 key things we do to grow and maintain websites

For more information on how to buy & renovate websites for passive income, check out their free masterclass.

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