41 minutes | Nov 12th 2020

Done Is Better Than Perfect | The Mindset Doctor Justin Moseley | DH062

One day Dr. Justin Moseley asked himself: “If money wasn’t an issue, what would I do?” Soon came an answer.

“The Mindset Doctor” Justin Moseley is our guest on the Digital Hospitality podcast where he shared his inspiring journey to impact lives and help others with health, personal development, and improved mindsets.

Dr. Justin Moseley is hosting The Power of Mindset Summit online from Nov. 18-22, 2020. The free virtual summit features expert speakers, including Cali BBQ Media founder Shawn Walchef, sharing their mindset strategies.

The Power of Mindset Summit promises to help you make the transition to the next level for your business without having to sacrifice your dreams.

Register online for free at: https://www.powerofmindsetsummit.com/registration


Put Yourself Out There —

Making the most of his mindset mastery and the reach of digital content, Dr. Justin doubled down on his calling and hit it big with both bravery and consistency.

Doing the workday in and day out was not hard for Justin. Putting himself out there on the internet was.

“I am an extreme introvert,” shares Justin Moseley on Digital Hospitality. “One thing that I do coach people on is an identity shift, like creating this alter ego of yourself.”

“For me, when I think of The Mindset Doctor, I think of how I want to show up. So, me, Justin Mosley, wants to sit here and read a book and not put myself out here and not be on video, but The Mindset Doctor wants to show up because he wants to impact lives.

“I think that’s what people can do with their brand. Their brand can be their highest level of themselves. Then when they’re wearing the brand and repping the brand, they show up as the best self they possibly can show up as. That’s when they make a difference and make an impact with their business.”

So, if an extreme introvert can shift his mindset to help others shift their mindsets then what’s stopping you?

Stage fright, doubt, fear, laziness, lack of time. Yes, all legit quandaries. Thankfully, The Mindset Doctor has a solution for you.

“Do a challenge with yourself,” begins Justin Moseley. “Shoot a video of yourself for 30 straight days. You don’t even have to publish, but it will give you the reps. What you’ll notice is you’re going to start to get so comfortable. You’re going to look back like, ‘Man, what I said was actually really good! I should publish this!’”

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Dr. Justin Moseley —


“Justin Moseley started his first business when he was 16 years old. Over the next twenty years, he would move from a video production company of his own to opening his first chiropractic practice, which would in turn become a launching pad for his highly-influential personal growth and mindset coaching.

Dr. Justin credits his entrepreneurial success to vigorously studying personal growth for over twenty years—reading 100 books annually— and developing an empowering mindset under the mentorship and wisdom of experts such as Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, T. Harv Eker, Dr. Patrick Flynn, and Dr. Josh Axe.

Once an undergrad student who couldn’t make it through his speech class without physically shaking because he was nervous and lacked confidence, Dr. Justin has now become a powerful and confident speaker and mentor who has coached many other entrepreneurs on transforming their lives, and spoken to tens of thousands on the subjects of health, mindset and personal development.”

Learn more at https://drjustinmoseley.com/about-me/



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