16 minutes | Jan 2nd 2021

2020 Stories and Lessons from Cali BBQ Media – Part 2 | More Publishing Content is Better | DH074

It’s better to be done, then perfect. 

When it comes to digital content creation, sometimes you just have to press publish before you think your work is perfect. Speed is important when it comes to publishing online, as is frequency.

The more content you can put out online, the more attention you will receive. In the modern era, we’re in an attention economy and you should be an attention merchant.


Remember A.B.P.
  1. Always Be Planning
  2. Always Be Producing
  3. Always Be Publishing
  4. Always Be Promoting


In our first five Digital Hospitality podcast episodes of 2021, we are running through important stories and lessons from 2020, including this week’s topic of online content publishing.


Each week on Digital Hospitality, we talk about why every business needs to be digital and why every business needs to be in the hospitality business

We want to teach you how to turn your business into a media company, how to build your own brand, how to use your cell phone to get your story out, basically teaching digital storytelling.


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Digital Hospitality: A Cali Bbq Media Podcast


2020 Cali BBQ Media Recap

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