74 minutes | Sep 20, 2022

Trends to watch out for in digital health | Jessica DaMassa | WTF Health

This edition of the Digital Health Community Podcast features Jessica DaMassa, the "It Girl" of the digital health industry. Jessica, the Executive Producer and Host of WTF Health, hosts the who’s who of the healthcare sector to identify trends in the digital healthcare space.

Jessica is one of the best in her field, as the renowned Matthew Holt described her as "an intelligent and brilliant interviewer." Typically a host most of the time, Jessica switches roles this time as she converses with Persimmon's CEO, Chris Sprague, on a variety of issues, including the impact of COVID on investment in the digital health area, healthcare regulations, trends, and acquisitions, and the presence of large tech companies in healthcare.

As a seasoned interviewer and executive producer, Jessica provides entrepreneurs and content creators in the digital health field with a wealth of helpful advice.

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