49 minutes | Dec 6, 2022

The future of wearable technology | João Bocas | Digital Salutem

João Bocas, Global digital health influencer and CEO of Digital Salutem, features in this edition of the Digital Health Community Podcast by Persimmon Health. Digital Salutem is a leading digital health company that aims to make healthcare uncomplicated by transcending the barriers to human health.

João is an expert and keynote speaker in wearable technology, and is a globally recognized business thought leader, mentor, advisor, and entrepreneur. In this podcast, João talks to the CEO of Persimmon Health, Chris Sprague, about various topics surrounding digital health, mainly wearable technology. João also discusses the  various models in digital healthcare, the combination of AI and ML with wearable technology as the future of digital health and gives advice to wearable startups.

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The Digital Health Community is Persimmon’s effort to create a network of like-minded people and organizations working in the digital health sphere. The goal is to bring together a community of spearheads to support the movement in the healthcare system and build on the collaborative strength of the stakeholders.

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