62 minutes | Aug 26, 2022

Maximizing healthspan using behavior hacking | Ravi Komatireddy | Daytona Health

“A 30-minute phone call by a healthcare professional who listens and cares tends to solve problems faster than AI,” says Ravi Komatireddy, a practicing physician, serial entrepreneur and the CEO/Founder of Daytona Health, our guest for this episode of the Digital Health Community podcast.

A thinker, a doer and a visionary, Ravi’s qualities and experience make him a star in the wellness and fitness industry. Talking to the host, Persimmon’s CEO, Chris Sprague, Ravi imparts valuable wisdom on a plethora of topics that cover the dynamic methods to maximize the efficacy and quality of life within humans.  

Health is affected by a collection of factors, Ravi states, and goes on to discuss in detail about the fitness and wellness industry; Ravi also shares with us his journey from a physician to an entrepreneur while diving deep into his startup Daytona Health and how  ‘behavior hacking’ and ‘precision health’ are the main principles of his company.

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