39 minutes | Mar 23, 2023

How to navigate ViVE? | Hugh Brennan | Persimmon Health

Get ready to experience an electrifying edition of our podcast, featuring none other than the dynamic and passionate Hugh Brennan, Head of Growth & Innovation at Persimmon Health! In this episode, Hugh engages in a fascinating conversation with Bimal Maharjan, the Head of Product at Persimmon Health and also the Production-in-Chief of all DHC podcasts, as they unravel the mysteries surrounding the highly anticipated #ViVE event.

Don't miss out on this thrilling and eye-opening discussion, where you'll discover all the inside secrets on how to make the most of the #ViVE event. From learning about the intense pre, during, and post-event preparations, to creating a supportive community and discovering effective ways to ensure that the event is productive for you, this podcast is your ultimate guide!

Our experts have got you covered with their wealth of experience and knowledge, sharing their past triumphs and failures, and even giving you valuable tips such as which shoes to wear and where to stay during the event.

If you're attending #ViVE for the first time or simply want to enhance your understanding of this epic event, then this podcast is an absolute must-listen! Don't risk missing out on the priceless insights and strategies that could take your #ViVE experience to the next level. Tune in now and join the conversation!

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