57 minutes | Jun 8, 2022

Automating healthcare claims for providers | Digital Health Community

Who should listen to this podcast? 

Anyone who wants to learn how healthcare claims work, how providers feel pain managing claims, and get pearls of wisdom about starting the journey of an entrepreneur, raising investments, and building products and teams. Finally, Get insights into how healthcare change-makers view healthcare's future.

Learn all of these through the inspiring story of a healthcare entrepreneur, Himanshu (Hanes) Singh. He and Chris Sprague (CEO, Persimmon Health) have a deep conversation about the above topics. 

Himanshu (Hanes) Singh is the CEO and Founder of DocVocate. DocVocate enables automated healthcare claims by creating a seamless SaaS platform that unifies workflows across multiple PM systems. 

Check out this podcast! It's awesome!

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