37 minutes | Nov 18, 2020

Removing the Mental Health Stigma within the Gaming Community

Listen in to a great show as Kristin speaks with Aaron Wanserski about helping remove mental health stigma within the gaming community.  Aaron Wanserski, the Video Game Outreach Director for The Center for Suicide Awareness, spent 12 years as a police officer before branching out into helping people in a new way.  As a self-proclaimed nerd, he realized that mental health is rarely talked about and set out to change that.  With their new podcast here on MHNR Network, The Center for Suicide Awareness, he hopes to help shatter the stigma.  The slogan for their podcast is "Everyone has a story."  This is to help people understand that their stories are just as worth sharing.  Be kind, you are loved, you are important, and remember, you are not alone.www.centerforsuicideawareness.org
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