43 minutes | Oct 14th 2020

Analysing The Gold Demand Trends Report - with Krishan Gopaul

In the episode we chat to Krishan Gopaul, Market Intelligence Manager at the World Gold Council. We discuss the recently-released Gold Demand Trends quarterly report which is the World Gold Council’s leading piece of intellectual property. The report analyses the global gold market, examining global supply and demand, as well as wider industry trends within the investment, jewellery, technology and mining sectors.

We talk about the report in more detail and how the gold supply chain has been impacted by the pandemic. We also chat about how was the retail gold sector has been affected over the months of lockdown and the record inflows into gold ETFs since the start of the year. Lastly, we talk about the key drivers behind the price of gold exceeding US$1,800 for the first time since 2012 and exceeding the US$2,000 mark more recently.


  • The Gold Demand Trend report is a quarterly flagship publication that reflects activity in the gold market on a demand/supply basis for the preceding three months.
  • In terms of demand, gold saw a huge contrast between the investment space, especially institutional side, compared to the consumer side.
  • Gold prices have risen incredibly through 2020. So far, its value is around 30% higher, year-on-year, which has acted as an obstacle for consumers in terms of affordability.
  • Gold ETFs are an Exchange Trade Fund - physically backed funds that accumulate gold, issue shares on that gold, and subsequently hold that gold in the fund. It is an easy way to access or gain exposure to physical gold.
  • Localised lockdowns have impacted some operations, but the small decline is relatively resilient due to geographic diversity in gold production, globally.


‘We seek to illuminate the gold market’

‘We saw a tremendous amount of interest crystallising in gold ETFs’

‘Moving in and out of those kinds of products is very straightforward’

’That diversity really lends itself to creating a more stable supply of gold’



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Krishan Gopaul - https://www.gold.org/goldhub/research/our-research-team/krishan-gopaul


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