28 minutes | Mar 15th 2021

Dr Rachie vs the Anti-vaxxers

Dr Rachael Dunlop tells Ian Woolf about her battle with the Australian Vaccination Network. Victoria Bond explains the new DSM descriptions of mental illness. News by Victoria Bond - Coma patients may be conscious and communicate by brain scan, - Boredom kills, - Beetles music saves trees, - stuttering is linked to genetic mutation. Hosted and produced by Ian Woolf Support Diffusion by making a contribution Support Diffusion by buying through affiliate links Join Shopback for discounts all over the web - they pay me $5 AND YOU GET PAID $5! bitcoin: 1AEnJC8r9apyXb2N31P1ScYJZUhqkYWdU2 ether: 0x45d2cd591ff7865af248a09dc908aec261168395
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