28 minutes | Jan 25th 2021

Dave Sings Sight Scan Science

This show was first broadcast on January 5th 2009: lt;br/> Ian Woolf looks inside the minds eye to see what you see - with a scanner, commentary by Charles Willock, lt;br/> Patrick Rubie zaps cheap wine into the good stuff, lt;br/> Kalvin Ng shows the world was warmer than you thought, Dave the Happy Singer reviews the news in impromptu song, lt;br/> Dave Sings Monty Python's Universe song, lt;br/> Presented by Marc West, Produced by Ian Woolf Support Diffusion by making a contribution Support Diffusion by buying through affiliate links Join Shopback for discounts all over the web - they pay me $5 AND YOU GET PAID $5! bitcoin: 1AEnJC8r9apyXb2N31P1ScYJZUhqkYWdU2 ether: 0x45d2cd591ff7865af248a09dc908aec261168395
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