101 minutes | May 2, 2021

Schrödinger's Boxt

A weekly look at all things Sheffield Wednesday - news, views, boardroom politics and the all important performances on the pitch. Bringing some levity to life as a Wednesdayite, enjoying the highs and only occasionally wallowing in the lows. This episode was almost titled "Heartbreak...LIVE!!!" as thanks to another stupid 12:30pm KO we get to record post-match while goals roll in at Rotherham and Swansea (where they have regular KO times). Annoyingly for Luke, the inevitable is postponed for another week ruining his weekend sleeping routine again and meaning that anyone listening for the pleasure of broken hearts doesn't get to hear the moments our hearts implode. We cover the news of Wee Baz going down with the ship and pontificate on whether life in L1 would be all that bad before tucking into the main course of a weak draw with Forest. WAWAW Stay Safe www.differentgravypod.co.uk 
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