65 minutes | Jan 1st 2018

Episode 32 - Plus-Size Dating with Krista Niles

Let’s face it: finding love is not easy, and it can feel even harder – maybe even impossible – when you’re dating while plus-size in a fat-phobic world. That’s why we asked psychotherapist and dating expert Krista Niles to talk with us about the challenges of plus-size dating in this episode of Dietitians Unplugged. Krista gave us the goods on everything: dating profile photos, body image issues, dealing with fat fetishists, weight stigma and fat acceptance stats in dating, first dates, the differences in straight and queer dating, and where and how to get help if you’re struggling in the online dating world. If you’re single and looking, we think this will soon become one of your favorite episodes!


Show notes:

Krista Niles Oakland Therapy

The Plus-Size Dating Starter Course

Curvy Cupid Course


Body Image Programs and Blogs recommended by Krista

Virgie Tovar: Babecamp

Vivienne McMaster: Be Your Own Beloved

Summer Innanen: You on Fire and Body Image Remix

Victoria Welsby: Bam Pow Life


Help with Eating

Dare to Eat Online Program with Glenys (starting Jan 8!)

Isabel Foxen Duke: Stop Fighting Food  


Fat Positive Conferences

The Curvy Con

The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo


More about Aaron Flores: www.bvmrd.com

More about Glenys Oyston: www.daretonotdiet.com

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