46 minutes | Nov 27, 2020

Navigating the NDIS

Charity Spalding and Mark Brown are life-long friends whose lives are heavily involved in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) - but on different sides of the fence. Charity is a dietitian working in the disability space, while Mark is an NDIS participant, having had a congenital neuromuscular disability since birth. In this podcast, Charity and Mark touch on how dietitians can work with NDIS participants to maximise their potential by helping them to better enjoy their life, actively participate in the community and achieve their goals. Mark highlights the positive change in mindset from the old system to the NDIS, while Charity speaks to the intricacies of working in the space, how NDIS support differs from other areas of dietetics and the skills required to provide a safe service. For the shownotes: https://dietitianconnection.com/category/podcasts/ 
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