70 minutes | Oct 13, 2021

DS069 | Star Wars | Cruise Control | Part 7 of 22

Need context? Jump to the start of the series! Mythic Scene 7 Chaos: 7Interrupt Roll: 5 < 7, odd = altered (dominate/advice)Setup: JT is in lock-up to think over what she will tell the moff about Tcho.Purpose/Goal: Get out of jail.Type: Skill challenge Summary JT makes some new friends while locked up in the passenger recuperation area. Scene 7.1Scene 7.2 Referenced Materials The Jewel of Yavin - adventure module from Fantasy Flight GamesLessons from the Past - adventure module in Force and Destiny from Fantasy Flight GamesQuarantine Quandary, Shadow of the Broker IV - fan-made adventure module by Tommy “VerdantSF” Roddy and Peter “Maveritchell” ThompsonStar Wars: Resh Hour 3: Into the Dark - one of our previous adventures, featuring JT's girlfriend Renci and introducing Gomarr Music: https://www.purple-planet.com
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