23 minutes | Apr 30, 2019

07: DNA (Donors Not Anonymous) - featuring Wendy Kramer

Is it ethical for sperm banks to withhold the identity of donors from families and donor conceived people? Wendy Kramer argues for abolishing the existing system of donor anonymity, and a woman named Lynette shares a story of what can happen when unregulated sperm banks act as a middleman between families and donors.//Links: Donors Not AnonymousWhich Sperm Bank?My Twitch stream - twitch.tv/aidanwould//If you have a story about donor conception or nontraditional families that you would like to share, or if you have any questions, contact the show through email at diblingpodcast@gmail.com or on Twitter @diblingpodcast. If you want to leave a voicemail for the show, call (714) 202-6401 and leave a message after the tone. Your voicemail will be featured on the next episode! //Art by Charlie Nagelhout, @MarleyCatts//Music from https://filmmusic.io:"District Four" by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)Licence: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/diblingpodcast)
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