42 minutes | Sep 28, 2020

ATE-Finding Partners with Sandhya Seshadri and Chalmette Ray

From finding investing partners to establishing yourself as an aspiring investor, Sandhya advises Chalmette on today's episode.

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Originally aired on Sept 28, 2020

Sandhya Seshadri

Sandhya Seshadri has Bachelor's and Masters degrees in electrical engineering and worked at Texas Instruments for over fourteen years in various technical, marketing and management roles with revenues in excess of $80M and budgets of $28M. During her time at SMU acquiring her MBA 20 years ago, Sandhya began investing in the stock market and built a portfolio that allowed her to “retire” early from her corporate career.  She diversified into commercial real estate in 2018 and has passively invested in 3500+ doors in Multifamily, and syndicated 2 deals.
Find her and her free Passive Investor Checklist at https://multifamily4you.com/


Chalmette Ray

Chalmette Ray is from Houston Texas with a background in medical research and she’s co-authored several academic publications in that field.  She became a real estate agent in 2007 and has been full-time in the industry since 2014.  She has passively invested in multifamily and is looking to own more and more apartments.
You can contact her at LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/chalmetteray/


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Tweetable Quotes

"You don't have to restrict yourself at this point. At this point, just work on your expertise which you have to offer. And I bet it'll be easy to find a partner." -Sandhya Seshadri

"A year ago, you might have just said, Oh, I can only meet someone who comes to this conference, I can only meet someone who wants to my local meetup. Well, now you've got access to people pretty much anywhere thanks to zoom."-Sandhya Seshadri

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