17 minutes | Jun 25, 2021

Sone Bhandar Riddle | सोन भंडार की पहेली

Sone Bhandar in translation means the store of gold and a legend goes saying that there is treasure hidden in its walls. On the wall of the cave, there is a trace of carving which resembles that of a doorway and next to it is a 'difficult to understand' inscription in the Sankhilpi or Shell script. It is said that this inscription is a password and the person who would read it could open the door and enter the passage. The same inscription has been found in Java and Burma and these too, have never been decoded. Tonight we bring you the story of a team that solved this 2500 years old riddle. Listen to the story now narrated by your host and dost, Tushar Sen : https://instagram.com/tusharsarojsen | https://dhaak.com
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