21 minutes | May 22, 2021

Dhaak: Untold Story - Ashwatthama | अश्वत्थामा

Amongst the many characters in the Mahabharata, the impetuous Ashwatthama | अश्वत्थामा comes across as a warrior lacking maturity and forethought. He often finds himself in difficult situations as he jumps headlong without assessing his capacity and strength. Considering the beliefs that people hold about mythology, many have stated to have seen a man with such a gaping wound on his forehead and a doctor has even revealed that he tried to heal him without success. Reports have been doing rounds, that a man fitting the description of Ashwatthama | अश्वत्थामा has been visiting Shiva temples all over India, praying it seems to be released from the curse. Listen to this ageless story about the greatest warrior of the epic battle, narrated by your dost and host Tushar Sen : https://instagram.com/tusharsarojsen | www.dhaak.com
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