55 minutes | Oct 27, 2019

Devign - Pricing - S02E09

This week we discuss pricing with Corey Dodd, founder and operator of boutique graphic design studio Elk Creative. So how much should you charge for a logo? Or for a website? What if a client doesn’t have the budget available? When should we talk about money with a prospect? The truth is, there isn’t a single approach that will work every time. A range of factors will determine which way to go. But there are some tips we can share with you from our personal experiences. Tune in to find out.   Lil nugs: Calculate minimum fees before going into a conversation with a potential client. Always discuss price during the first conversation. It’s okay to not work on every project opportunity that comes through. The budget isn’t always available. Sometimes the fit just isn’t there. It is better to identify this early. If putting together a fixed bid based on hours, consider all of the factors that go into executing the project, like communications, project management, revisions, etc. Say a price before showing a price. Price should be spoken about with a prospect before a number appears in a proposal   Episode resources: Win Without Pitching - Blair Enns Price anchoring Never Split the Difference - Chris Voss Ditching Hourly - Johnathan Stark 2Bobs - Conversations on the art of creative entrepreneurship
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