38 minutes | Apr 29, 2020

Zoom's Big Boom (despite the Zoombombings)

In today's Modern Digital Enterprise, the digital transformation podcast from Anexinet, the strategists discuss the dominance of Zoom as a video conferencing platform during the Coronavirus pandemic. One company made it big while all others fizzled. What was it about Zoom that enabled such massive success? What lessons can be gleaned by their success regarding the importance of increasing security as you scale, and thinking-through the advantages and pitfalls of scaling at the onset.  We also discuss a brief history of Zoom security issues, explain how to avoid Zoombombing (and how it became a thing in the first place) and provide some best practices to customize your meeting security settings. Was Zoom ever truly “256-bit encrypted, end-to-end”? Does anyone at Zoom know anything about cryptography? And what, if anything, does China have to do with all this? Enjoy this success story of how Zoom overcame bad security and bad press! The continued spread of COVID-19 presents significant uncertainty. While many of our manufacturing partners have announced free and reduced-price licensing for their mobile-worker and collaboration products, Anexinet is working with customers to build secure, holistic solutions for supporting remote workforces while developing remote-work strategies around team collaboration and security. The end-goal? Ensuring your organization stays productive and protected during this global pandemic. Anexinet's areas of focus include: VDI and remote desktop VPN Identity management and multi-factor authentication Mobile security and policy management
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