48 minutes | Nov 3, 2020

Why Centers of Excellence Are Still a Thing — A Strategists Forum

In today's Modern Digital Enterprise, the digital transformation podcast from Anexinet, Steve and Glenn discuss Centers of Excellence (COE) with Sr. Strategist Nitin Bhatia and Digital Solutions VP Stephen Tranchida.  This episode also answers the following questions:What are the 4 types of COEs? How does Anexinet work with each one? How did the concept of a COE originate? Who determines a COE's direction? How have COE's evolved over time? What additional services & technologies does today's COE handle? How do COE's interact with vendors and 3rd party providers? What are the issues that arise there? What are the biggest issues with COEs? Why do COEs fail or get a bad rep? What should organizations avoid with their COE? How does Anexinet help avoid these issues? What does Anexinet provide organizations in terms of their COE? What is the ideal configuration for a COE? What is the Lifecycle of a typical COE? How does a lifecycle approach to COE's help fiefdom culture?What is Anexinet's COE Kickstart? How can we be sure Anexinet knows what our best approach should be? What role does Change Management play in the success of your COE? Where are COEs going? What additional responsibilities will COEs assume in the future?
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