29 minutes | Aug 20, 2020

Trends in Modern Enterprise Architecture

In today’s Modern Digital Enterprise, the digital transformation podcast from Anexinet, GM & Executive VP of Digital, Al Sporer speaks with Digital Transformation SVP, Steve Tranchida and Sr Enterprise Architect, David Lavin on the topic of trends in Modern Enterprise Architecture. The episode defines what makes up a modern enterprise architecture and explains how trends toward agility and real-time data necessitate a new microservices approach that lets organizations adapt easily to achieve business goals. Further, the episode describes how event-driven architecture helps organizations adapt to the changing business landscape by leveraging a business-centric view of enterprise events that enables the orchestration (and re-orchestration) of microservices. Additionally, the episode discusses: Getting started with microservices Dealing with legacy infrastructure and data Tools for transitioning to modern architecture Enabling real-time data at massive scale throughout the organization Use cases for event-driven architecture Increase your agility and velocity by releasing software more quickly, continuously, and incrementally through the independent deployment of smaller components.
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