49 minutes | Feb 17, 2021

The SolarWinds Hack & Your CyberSecurity Strategy

In today's Modern Digital Enterprise, the digital transformation podcast from Anexinet, Steve and Glenn discuss the SolarWinds Hack and what steps your organization should take to ensure the success of its CyberSecurity Strategy with Enterprise Architect, David Mahoney.  This episode also answers the following: What is the SolarWinds Hack and how does it work? How could the hack have gone undetected for so long? Why are passwords no longer a valid security mechanism?How is data exfiltration even worse than a Ransomware attack? How can you scope a cybersecurity Program that is right-sized for your organization? What security tools and services does Anexinet offer? What's so bad about anti-virus programs?What is the solution to prevent attacks like these from happening moving forward? How important is a well-thought-out security strategy?What are the most common gaps and risks companies take?How does Anexinet's preventative and proactive approach help companies stop cybersecurity threats in their tracks? Links in the episode: CNET: SolarWinds software used in multiple hacking attacks: What you need to know https://www.cnet.com/news/solarwinds-hack-officially-blamed-on-russia-what-you-need-to-know/ CRN: Anexinet Exec: Lack Of Monitoring In SolarWinds Hack Is ‘Scary’ https://www.crn.com/news/security/anexinet-exec-lack-of-monitoring-in-solarwinds-hack-is-scary-    
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