67 minutes | Nov 27, 2019

Security Matters with Data Security Risk Advisor Jason Marchant

In today's Modern Digital Enterprise, the digital transformation podcast from Anexinet, Steve and Glenn talk with Takeda Data Security Risk Advisor, Jason Marchant on the most-pressing security issues today's organizations face.   This episode also answers the following questions: What are the largest internal security issues facing today's teams? How do we create a Security Scorecard as a path to remediation? How does Anexinet's Policy Characteristics Matrix compare with Scenario-Based Control Requirements? What are some 2-Factor (and multi-factor) Authentication Best Practices? How secure is 2-Factor Authentication, anyway? What are the implications of posting personal data to Social Media (health, etc.), and how responsible are they for protecting that data? Does HIPAA still apply? What are the security determinants for moving to the Cloud? Does the move make a company's data more or less secure? How effective is data-masking? What threats to AES encryption are beginning to emerge? What is the greatest security threat organizations face today? What about the role of AI/Machine Learning/Quantum Computing? How much of a risk do they pose? What are the risks of increased surfaced area (IoT proliferation) and morphing malware? What are Sans Institute's "Top 20 Critical Security Controls"? How does Trust & Verify compare to Zero Trust in terms of Risk-Management Practices? How do you determine your ideal Risk-Management Strategy? Links in the episode: Sans Institute Top 20 Critical Security Controls  
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