67 minutes | Dec 29, 2020

Infrastructure Automation

In today's Modern Digital Enterprise, the digital transformation podcast from Anexinet, Steve discusses Infrastructure Automation  with George Carter, Director of Automation Services, and IT Automation Developer, Thomas Breslin.  This episode also answers the following questions:What differentiates RPA from Infrastructure Automation?For clients who don’t fully understand what automation can do for them, what kinds of things is it possible to automate today? What areas can be automated that companies may not have considered?In what ways can an organization’s infrastructure be automated? What can automating infrastructure do for an organization? What are the advantage of automating infrastructure? Why is it important for organizations to have a 3rd party help them manage their infrastructure? What are the advantages of having a 3rd party? When does automating away the busy work free your IT Teams to work on? What role does automation play in security? How is Anexinet able to augment, rather than replace, the client’s IT team? How is augmenting more effective and beneficial than replacing?So, with all these benefits, what is it that’s still holding companies back from automating?Art of the possible: what are we currently doing versus what are we capable of doing for companies?Where do you think Infrastructure Automation is headed? Where is this technology going? Links in the episode: The Practice of System and Network Administration
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