63 minutes | Oct 22, 2019

Cyber Security & Privileged Access Management with Thycotic

In today's Device Squad, the digital transformation podcast from Anexinet, Steve, Chris Hayner & George Contino talk with Katie McCroskey & Larry Mogil of PAM Cloud Leader, Thycotic on the state of Cyber Security & Privileged Access Management (PAM).   This episode also answers the following questions: How will Anexinet's partnership with Thycotic supplement Anexinet's offerings? What is Secret Server? What is "Secrets Management"? What's the difference between DevOps Secrets Vault and DevOps SDK? Why is moving from on-premises to cloud important when it comes to privileged access management? What are the benefits? What does privileged access management at cloud scale and speed mean? What's changed that we need this level of security today? Where do you see the company going? What does the future of cyber security look like? Links in the episode: Thycotic https://thycotic.com/  
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