116 minutes | Jun 2, 2020

X’s “Ain’t Love Grand” (with Jenny and Michael Seman)

X TRIES TO GET COMMERCIAL! Michael and Jenny from Shiny Around the Edges join us to discuss X’s frustrating attempt to cash in. How obscure can an artist be and still have documentaries made about them? Is X the best or the worst name for a band? What did Ray Manzarek bring to the table? Did X just put out an album that none of us listened to? Is not being rich or famous enough a good reason to quit a band? What kind of rockabilly is this? Who else was in that movie “Road House”? Does John Doe want his fans to get home safely? Does everyone have their own X story? And how did Professor Xavier train all these mutants? We’ll dig into it all this week on Detours and Outliers.
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