110 minutes | May 26, 2020

Lil Wayne’s “Rebirth” (with Bryson Worden)

LIL WAYNE TRIES TO ROCK! This week we are joined by fellow podcaster and Canadian DJ Bryson Worden (The BLOCK with Bryson Worden) to discuss Lil Wayne's attempt to be a dope boy with a guitar. Who is Wayne trying to impress? Was anyone rocking in 2010? Why do people remember the rap-rock of Limp Bizkit more than Ice-T's Body Count? Is Canadian Wikipedia better than American Wikipedia? Is Shanell the Mary Clyton of Wayne's “Gimme Shelter”? Why hasn’t Lil Wayne had another birth? Is it better to play the guitar badly or not at all? Does sampling a rock sound count as writing a rock song? Can you get a prescription chalice? How many notes does it take to make a guitar solo? Who does a better "Ground Zero", Lil Wayne or Chris Cornell? And how did the producer of Elton John's disco album end up involved in this? Grab a cup of codeine cough sizzyrup and join us on this week’s Detours and Outliers.  
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