97 minutes | Jul 27, 2021

Keith Moon’s “Two Sides Of The Moon” (with Kasey Elkington)

KEITH MOON GOES SOLO! Kasey Elkington from Cattle Axe rejoins us to discuss Keith Moon's one and only solo album. The question here isn't The Who, but the why. Why did Keith make a solo album? Why can't you hear Keith on his own album? Why did the record company give him so much money? Why doesn't Keith play drums more on this? Why does Miguel Ferrer play drums on this at all? Why is there a country song in the middle of this? Why were the seventies obsessed with the fifties? Why is there a deluxe reissue of this album with dozens of bonus tracks? Why can't you find this on Spotify now? Why isn't John Entwistle on this album? Why is Dick Dale? The answer to most of these questions is "Brandy Alexanders" on this episode of Detours and Outliers.
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