94 minutes | Oct 26, 2021

Glenn Danzig’s “Black Aria” (with Don White)

DANZIG GOES CLASSICAL! Don White (Ice Troll, Never Kenezzard) rejoins us as we discuss Glenn Danzig’s instrumental album. What kind of dungeons do they use in "dungeon synth"? Who is the most litigious Misfit? What do Tom Cruise and Glen Danzig have in common? And which of them should play X-Men's Wolverine? Did Beavis and Butt-head resurrect Danzig's career? What's the highest-scoring word you can play in Scrabble without any vowels? What do you do when you can't talk a string quartet into playing your piece? Is Glenn really a cartoon character? Why do the Misfits look so different on the cartoon Jem? And most importantly, how long before we all get sued? Come celebrate the spooky season on this episode of Detours and Outliers.
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