30 minutes | Mar 1, 2020

#085 Scoping your UX

If you fail to plan…you plan to fail. It’s an old adage that is more than apt for today’s episode. Scoping your UX (User Experience) is really your first port of call when it comes to any website or digital project. This should be done even before designing the UI (User Interface). For all you Call of Duty players out there, mastering the ‘360-no-scope’ was definitely a thing that gave you bragging rights. As the name implies, it’s a video game manoeuvre where you spin around 360 degrees and hit your target without ‘aiming’. However, that is not what, ever happens in reality. Hands up, anyone who thinks that playing ‘pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey’ is the best way to spend thousands (tens, if not hundreds) of dollars on your next digital project? Yeah. Thought so. So, what does scoping your UX do for you? The Number One thing is it helps make sure you address ALL of the concerns, behaviours and priorities for ALL of your users. This user pool not only includes your external users (i.e. customers, clients, readers, viewers etc) but also your internal users (i.e. sales, marketing, admin and operations etc). Don’t forget about your internal users Making life difficult or impossible for your staff with a clunky back-end is a sure-fire recipe for failure. A lot of organisations relegate their website or tech-build to the IT department. Which is logical until the website is launched and Marketing is left to maintain it. Even worse, it’s built entirely through the IT lens but needs to work seamlessly with Sales, Logistics and Finance. It should be pretty obvious by now that mapping your User Experience is super-critical to the success of your project. Here’s the episode on Issimo Markets that explores UX further from a user perspective. Here’s what Wikipedia says about Google AMP. The post #085 Scoping your UX appeared first on A Digital Marketing Podcast - Destroy Digital.
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