41 minutes | Jan 27, 2020

#083 – GUEST – Lisa Bender. Podwhale podcasting –

When is an app not an app? When it is an entire platform for corporate communications and leadership. Welcome to the Podwhale podcasting mobile application platform. This week, we have special guest, Lisa Bender (who’s Chris’ partner in this venture) join us to talk more about what Podwhale does and what they need to look at marketing-wise. Podwhale is definitely more than just a mobile application platform. It is a whole new way for companies and organisations to communicate internally. Imagine being able to hear from your leaders or talk to your team via an internal ‘radio show’ every week. There is nothing like hearing it from the horse’s mouth. As a training tool and also as a vehicle for team building the possibilities have enormous potential. Especially for a workforce that is off-site and on-the-road. The major failing of HR-driven, staff email newsletters is that they are generally, impersonal and in many cases, contrived. A simple internal survey will reveal the antipathy and the ‘simply switch off’-ness that is the hallmark of most corporate e-newsletters. How can the Podwhale podcasting platform change your organisation? Simple. To find out, keep listening or head down to the Podwhale website and drop either Chris or Lisa a line. They don’t have a form like we do but we’re told it’s in the works. For more episodes that talk about using word of mouth to help spread the…word about your venture, click here. The post #083 – GUEST – Lisa Bender. Podwhale podcasting – appeared first on A Digital Marketing Podcast - Destroy Digital.
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