14 minutes | Jul 13, 2019

#067 – RANT – Digital agencies gone bad.

Digital agencies gone bad are a sad fact of the landscape, make sure you protect yourself. Everyone has heard of someone who’s had a digital service provider who’s gone rogue. While everything is going fine and Dand-y, great. Until you decide to take your business elsewhere or when they go under. To be perfectly frank, hearing this really makes Mark upset. This rant was his idea. As an ex-owner of an agency, he’s completely mortified that any agency owner will hold his clients to ransom by withholding their login details. What to do with digital agencies gone bad… Here’re some things you need to make sure you have when dealing with ANY digital agency. Access to all YOUR online assets and also make sure you own your domain name and have your own account with your hosting service. This way you minimise your exposure to shonky operators. Also, hear from Chris about what best practice looks like in this space. Don’t get held over a barrel – protect your assets and assert your rights. You should own your data and your website. The post #067 – RANT – Digital agencies gone bad. appeared first on A Digital Marketing Podcast - Destroy Digital.
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