14 minutes | Mar 17, 2021

Envision The Light (TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF) - EP 38

This is me! This episode is so raw and so real. I decided to truly share my story about loved ones lost and how I neglected myself and was losing myself last year. The Struggle is Real, especially when you do not take care of yourself by putting everything else before YOU. As stated in the previous episode "Lessons are Meant to be Learned" and the lessons that we learn in life WE are supposed to apply to make ourselves (YOU) better! It was at a turning point where I had to step out and trust myself and understand that I needed a break to be present with myself to get well!  Life is not easy and circumstances happen that are out of our control. We harbor a lot of pain, We take on the World, and We neglect ourselves, when in turn we are supposed to be still and get better.  This episode is heartfelt and it is from me to you, this is ME! - J.L.  
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