82 minutes | May 16, 2015

#2: The Pile of Shame

Welcome to the Destination Gamer Podcast, the official podcast of the Destination Gamer gaming community. We aim to bring gamers up to date with the gaming news, have some gaming chat and banter and most importantly, updates to the Destination Gamer community.In this episode, Batch takes the rightful place of host for the podcasts from now on. He is joined by the very first guest, ChainsawMcGraw AKA Martin Dootson from Crazy Horse Gaming.We talk about Xbox 360 deals, news on a new Tony Hawk game and what we expect to see as well as seeing screenshots of the Wolf Among Us Episode 2. We also share games in the Pile of Shame as well as sharing our proudest achievement or trophy gain, before heading into the latest updates within the Destination Gamer community.To join our gaming community, please head over to http://www.destinationgamer.co.uk and click Join Us to register with us. Please note that Destination Gamer is a gaming community for ages 18 and over. 
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