58 minutes | May 16, 2015

#1: The Highs and Lows of Gaming in 2013

Welcome to the Destination Gamer Podcast, the official podcast of the Destination Gamer gaming community. We aim to bring gamers up to date with the gaming news, have some gaming chat and banter and most importantly, updates to the Destination Gamer community.In this episode, we look back to gaming in 2013 and pick out the highs and lows, which we cover the E3 reveals of the PS4 and Xbox One, alongside our personal picks of gaming moments of last year. We also discuss top and worst games of 2013.To join our gaming community, please head over to http://www.destinationgamer.co.uk and click Join Us to register with us. Please note that Destination Gamer is a gaming community for ages 18 and over. Enjoyed this podcast? Please leave us a like, comment and also subscribe to us to get updated when new episodes become available.
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