20 minutes | Apr 2nd 2021

The Value of Making Everyday Count

The Value of Making Everyday Count Strategies for Getting On Track Achieving your goals and building your magnificent life require that you get and stay on track.  On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council explains the value of making everyday count and how to start doing what it takes to make it happen.  When we lose focus or revert back to old habits that do not serve us, there are specific reasons.  Throughout the month of April, Goal Achievement Strategist, Pat Council will discuss them.  Listen and find out how to get the maximum benefit from this and upcoming episodes.  She also shares a simple strategy for getting and staying in the present moment. Mentioned on the Show and Resources:  - Preview:   Cultivate Kindness and Inspire Me Adult Coloring -  New Online Course:  Goal Achievers Success Track -  Free Infographic:  5 Things You Can Do to Achieve Your Goals   
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