25 minutes | Apr 7th 2021

Growing into Your Magnificent Self

Growing into Your Magnificent Self How to Step into Your Best Self It can be very difficult to build your best health, have enough wealth or connect with the right relationships when you are not using the best strategies.  On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council discusses growing into your magnificent self.  These very simple strategies will help you face a few truths that will amplify your success.  Today's episode gives a glimpse into what self-care truly means.  Get the reasons you need to be your most authentic self. Mentioned on Show and Resources: - Community:  Find out More, Click -  New Course:  Goal Achievement Success Track -  Free Course:  Bringing Out Your Magnificence  -  Video:  People Who will Teach You Unexpected Lessons  Join Power Up Today:   Receive strategies and insights to make goal achievement in your personal life and business more consistent.  Join thousands who receive my free “Power Up Today” emails: Text the word POWERUP to 42828 or click here: https://www.designingyourlifetoday.com/poweruptoday
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